Below is an actual step-by-step restoration that we completed. Let us show you some of the major steps in restoring the inside of a piano.

Step 1

Pick-up of piano “before” coming to our shop.

Step 2

Even the replaced plastic keyboard needs to be changed.

Step 3

In the shop, we now dismantle and catalogue all parts.

Step 4

Front panel off.

Step 5

Base Panel off.

Step 6

Original hammers, at one time sanded, but will be changed also.

Step 7

The mechanic (or action) taken out of piano.

Step 8

A good “inside-look”. 80 years of music, about to be improved.

Step 9

We then unglue the top, and sides.

Step 10

Original keys, old ivory glue and 2 notes notes prepared for new tops.

Step 11

Keybed, all original punchings/felt.

Step 12

Piano on tilter, pedalbase with pedals to be taken apart.

Step 13

Bass side off, keybed and treble side remain.

Step 14

Both sides off, ready to be stripped down.

Step 15

The heart of the instrument; Pins/Strings/Iron Plate and Soundboard.

Step 16

Cut off bass strings, bass bridge to be replaced.

Step 17

Pattern of bass strings, needed to make custom copper-wound strings.

Step 18

Start of soundboard restoration.

Step 19

Plate to be cleaned and re-bronzed.

Step 20

Soundboard repaired, sealered.

Step 21

Close-up of 3 shims, lacquered soundboard.

Step 22

Installation of cast iron plate.

Step 23

Plate attached, note bass bridge missing.

Step 24

New duplicate of bass bridge, another in-house specialty.

Step 25

New strings installation.

Step 26

Re-chromed original pedals.

Step 27

Sides glued on, stripped and ready for new stain.

Step 28

Stain and sealer applied.

Step 29

Sealered and lacquered.

Step 30

Laquered, assembled and new rubber casters.

Step 31

New plastic keyboard, new hammers.

Step 32

The family’s new pride and joy.

Step 33

Ready for another 75 years of great music and good looks!